Renovation Partner Program

We offer a unique program that allows Sellers who wish to sell their home to partner with us for their benefit.  Our Renovation Partner Program is a limited offer and both the Seller and the Property must meet several criteria to participate.

There are two different types of sellers who may be interested in this opportunity.  Sellers who have costly repairs and improvements needed which may be preventing them from successfully selling their home or Sellers that have the potential to increase their profit with upgrades and home improvements but are unable to afford to pay for those desired renovations out of their own pocket.

We provide a consultation to assess the property condition and identify issues prior to listing the home to prevent low offers or canceled escrows.  Updates and upgrades that will increase the value and appeal of the home will also be recommended.  Appliances, flooring, paint, counters, lighting, plumbing fixtures and landscaping can all impact the actual or perceived values in a large way.

We partner with Home Owners and pay for the improvements and get reimbursed when the home is sold at closing.

Contact us to see if your property qualifies for this opportunity.  We look forward to assisting you in selling your home and achieving your full profit potential.