How to Prepare Your House for SOLD

Small upgrades and decorative enhancements may seem like a waste of time when you want to sell your house quickly, but one of the biggest mistakes is not making the necessary advance preparation. Consider the following profitable tips before putting your home on the market.

Create a Model Home Feel

New home builders aren’t just selling a house, they’re selling a dream. You need to show the dream of how a buyer is going to be living in your home. They don’t want to see how you lived in your home and they certainly don’t want to see reminders that it hasn’t been cared for and maintained. Buyers want it to feel like a new home. Taking down all personal effects, including family pictures and political or religious Items, is critical. Styling your home with accents and eliminating any blank spots will increase the appeal. Choose the size and scale appropriate pieces to enhance each area of the home.

Boost Curb Appeal

Walk across the street and have a good look at your house. Is your home inviting potential visitors to come in or are there distractions that may cause them to keep driving by? The first interaction a buyer has with your home occurs with your front door and door knob. Your door and hardware will give a buyer an impression of what’s to come when they enter the home. Will the home be cared for or will it hold hidden issues that will dissuade a buyer from making a strong offer or not one at all? If there is anything that’s taking away from the best first impression, correct it immediately.

Out With the Clutter

The most important basic is removing clutter. Remove everything off the counters and table tops. All kitchen appliances and miscellaneous items should be stored away in cabinets or drawers. Items on table tops and counters should be simple décor that enhances the look and doesn’t distract. This will give a clean, spacious look and allow the buyer’s eye to see the full view of a room. Rooms, closets, and cabinets need to be organized to make your home look inviting and as large as possible. The solution to the clutter is to simply get rid of it. Packing non-essential items and storing them in the garage, off site or donating them will be necessary to create a clean look.

No Buts About it Flooring

Determine if your flooring is in need of professional cleaning, repair or replacement. Worn or damaged carpet can make an attractive home look outdated or not cared for. When a potential Buyer visits your home you don’t want any comments of “I love the house BUT the flooring is a deal breaker.” Avoid low offers or buyers passing on
your home altogether by making sure your current flooring looks great or finding an affordable replacement, which will increase your home’s selling price. Do not make the mistake of offering a credit towards new carpeting since buyers won’t offer top dollar for a property that needs work or want to do the work themselves.

Choose Neutral Sophistication

Now is not the time to experiment with that bold lime green that you have been drawn to. It also doesn’t mean going bland with all white paint either. Rich mid-tone neutrals like taupe and “greige” create a sophisticated backdrop which allows you to use pops of color safely and pull rooms together in a balanced way.

Beware of Odors

Avoid introducing new scents into your home and certainly, don’t use scents to cover an odor problem. Instead, remove the odor causing an issue. If you have pets increase your cleaning schedule to include frequent mopping and vacuuming and have any carpets professionally cleaned. Ask an honest friend to give you feedback on the scent of your home. You may not be able to recognize an issue since you are accustomed to it.

Professional Home Staging

Selling an empty home can be a huge mistake. Buying or renting furniture is very important when selling a vacant home. Empty homes do not show well and can sit on the market for months until a buyer with a good visual imagination comes along, or until the seller drops the price so low that the home is a steal. To avoid that happening to you, choose to work with a professional Home Stager who will bring life to the property and help buyers feel an emotional connection to the home.

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